International Joint Commission (IJC)
More than a century of cooperation protecting shared waters

Canadian Section

Gordon Walker, Q.C. , Commissioner, Canadian Chair

Commissioner Gordon WalkerMr. Gordon Walker of Toronto, Ontario, is a non-practising lawyer who previously directed his own consulting firm in Toronto. A graduate from Western University, receiving a B.A and LLB, Mr. Walker served in the Ontario Legislature as Member of Provincial Parliament for London for twelve years between 1971 and 1985, seven of which were in Cabinet where he served as Minister of Correctional Services, Provincial Secretary for Justice, Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations, and Minister of Industry and Trade. 

A native of St Thomas, Ontario, Gordon Walker resided in London from 1961-1991 where he practiced law from the time of his call to the Bar in 1969, and was a City Councillor in London, having been elected first in 1966. He moved to Toronto in 1991 where he was counsel to several substantial law firms. From 1992 until 1995 he served the International Joint Commission as a Canadian Commissioner; and nearly 20 years later, on June 6th, 2013, became a Governor In Council appointment to the IJC, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, his second term in that position. In January 2014 Mr. Walker became acting Chair of the IJC Canadian Section. In December 2014, pursuant to the Boundary Waters Treaty, Canadian Commissioners selected Commissioner Walker as the Canadian Chair.

Mr. Walker is married to Harriet Hedley Walker, and they have two grown children, Wynsome and Melanie, who both make their homes, with their families, in Toronto.

Mr. Richard A. Morgan, Commissioner

Mr. Richard Morgan has over 25 years of combined experience in government, business and management consulting in several sectors including natural resources, telecommunications, transport, financial services, professional services, procurement, aerospace and health sciences, including seven years of service in the Office of the  Prime Minister during the late 1980s and early 1990s in a variety of senior roles. 
From Montreal, Mr. Morgan is fluently bilingual and holds a business degree from the University of Ottawa and a CEGEP degree in health sciences from Collège Brébeuf in Montreal.