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Rainy Lake Survey

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As part of ongoing efforts to review and evaluate the performance of water level management strategies for Rainy and Namakan Lakes under the Commission’s 2000 Order, the International Joint Commission has been funding a project on behalf of the International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Board to assess the risk of flood damages in the area including the shoreline of Rainy, Namakan, Kabetogama, Sand Point, Little Vermillion, and Crane Lakes (collectively the Rainy and Namakan chain of lakes). The flood risk assessment has included a variety of components including the completion of over 130 face-to-face interviews with shoreline property owners in the fall of 2013 to discuss their perspectives on potential risk of flooding damages.

Given the flood conditions observed in June and July of 2014 within the study area, additional input from shoreline property owners is required to ensure the flood risk assessment adequately captures the types of flooding damages experienced as well as the magnitude of those damages.

A brief online survey is available below *until Monday, Dec. 22, 2014, to help shoreline property owners on the Rainy and Namakan chain of lakes report on their damages during the past summer. The survey also allows for damage reports from property owners on the Rainy River and Lake of the Woods shoreline as the information will support future water level management activities in those areas.

Take the Survey

Your participation in the process is completely voluntary and you can choose to skip any questions on the survey. However, your participation is critical to the success of the project. Detailed information on the types and extent of observed flooding will help verify whether the flood risk assessment is properly representing property owner concerns. Any information gathered through the surveys will be held in strict confidence and will only be used for consolidated reporting. Please note this is not an application for assistance. This is a request for information on private property damage to support future review of water management strategies in the system.

Thank you for considering this request to participate in the online survey. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Should you have further questions on the data gathering process, feel free to contact any of the individuals listed below.

Mike Shantz

Project Coordinator for Flood Damage Assessment Project

C/O Environment Canada

867 Lakeshore Road

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

L7R 4A6



Nick Heisler

Senior Advisor, Strategic Planning and Stakeholder Relations

International Joint Commission

234 Laurier Ave. W. 22nd Floor

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

K1P 6K6