Health Professionals Advisory Board

Health Professionals Advisory Board  



Under the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909, the Health Professionals Advisory Board was established in 1995 to provide advice to the International Joint Commission and its Boards about current and emergent clinical and public health issues in the area of transboundary environmental health.

The Health Professionals Advisory Board is also responsible for developing recommendations concerning ways in which the communication of transboundary environmental health knowledge and information could be made more effective.

"Identify and alert the Commission to emerging human health issues associated with air or water quality in the transboundary region."


The Health Professionals Advisory Board produced a report that provides advice to the governments on how to address the growing need for integrated environmental-human health surveillance data in the Great Lakes Basin. Integrated data will enable decision makers to make more informed protection and restoration decisions related to ecosystems and public health in the Great Lakes. The Commission engaged the Board in this effort as part of its Great Lakes priority to strengthen the delivery and coordination of science. the public is is invited to provide comments on the report.