International Osoyoos Lake Board of Control


Osoyoos Lake looking north from the border
Outlet of Osoyoos Lake in the 1970′s – before dredging
Zosel Dam – about 1970
Zosel Dam – 1970′s
Zosel Dam – 1970′s
High water at old Zosel Dam
Area of 1974 failure
Area of 1975 failure
Old dam – almost gone
Dam constructions 1985
New dam – 1986
Control structure
Overflow section
Zosel Dam Outlet – looking north
Mouth of Tonasket Cr. – looking south to Zosel Dam
Ray Smith, Chief, Spokane Field Office, USGS, at Okanogan R. nr Oroville gaging station



Map showing Osoyoos Lake and nearby communities.


Map showing Osoyoos Lake in context of Upper Columbia River Basin.


 Osoyoos Lake sat image_annotated

 Satellite Image of Osoyoos Lake (annotated)