International Lake Ontario - St. Lawrence River Board

Learning Modules

 These animations are narrated.

Module 1: Overview
Module 2: Lake Ontario-Upper St. Lawrence River Levels and Outflows
Module 3: Peaking & Ponding
Module 4: Iroquois Dam
Module 5: Ice Formation
Module 6: Wind Effects on the upper St. Lawrence RIver
Module 7: Lower St. Lawrence River Impacts


Module 1 - Overview

This module presents a brief overview of the Lake Ontario-Upper St. Lawrence River system and the factors that influence water levels.

Module 2 - Lake Ontario-Upper St. Lawrence Rivers Levels and Outflows

This module explains the main causes of water level fluctuations in Lake St. Lawrence upstream of the Moses-Saunders hydroelectric generating station.

Module 3 - Peaking & Ponding

This module explains the processes of peaking and ponding.

Module 4 - Iroquois Dam

This module demonstrates how the Iroquois Dam is used to help control water levels downstream on Lake St. Lawrence.

Module 5 - Ice Formation

This module demonstrates the importance of ice management in the St. Lawrence River

Module 6 - Wind Effects on the Upper St. Lawrence River

This module explains how wind affects water levels on Lake Ontario and the upper St. Lawrence River.

Module 7 - Lower St. Lawrence River Impacts

This module demonstrates how Lake Ontario outflows affect lower St. Lawrence River water levels.