Great Lakes Science Advisory Board

Science Advisory Board Members

Great Lakes Science Advisory Board Membership

Science Priority Committee (SPC)

Canadian Membership

U.S. Membership

Dr. Jeffrey Ridal HeadshotDr. Jeffrey Ridal,
Co-chair (SPC)
St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences
Dr. Robert Hecky
University of Minnesota-Duluth
Dr. Henry Lickers
Haudenosaunee Citizen of Seneca Nation
Dr. Chris Metcalfe
Trent University
Dr. Stephen Renzetti
Brock University
Dr. Clare Robinson
University of Western Ontario

Dr. Christina Semeniuk
University of Windsor

Dr. Carol MillerDr. Carol Miller,
Co-Chair (SAB, SPC)

Wayne State University
Dr. J. David Allan
University of Michigan
Dr. Lucinda Johnson
University of Minnesota-Duluth
Dr. Dave Lodge
University of Notre Dame
Dr. Michael Murray
National Wildlife Federation
Dr. Dale Phenicie
Environmental Affairs Consulting
Dr. Scott Sowa
The Nature Conservancy

Research Coordination Committee (RCC)

Canadian Membership

U.S. Membership

Dr. John LawrenceDr. John Lawrence, Co-Chair (SAB, RCC)
Environment Canada
Dr. Ian Campbell
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Mr. Gavin Christie
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Dr. Brian A. Grantham
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Dr. Yves Michaud
Natural Resources Canada - GSC Quebec
Ms. Anne Neary
Ontario Ministry of the Environment
NormGrannemann HeadshotMr. Norm Grannemann,
Co-Chair (RCC)

Dr. John Bratton
Dr. Val Klump
Univery of Wisconsin Great Lakes Water Institute
Mr. Kyle McCune
Dr. Carl Richards

Dr. Christopher J. Winslow
Ohio State University - Stone Lab


Ted Yuzyk
Director, Sciences and Engineering
International Joint Commission
Canadian Section
234 Laurier Ave., West, 22nd Floor
Ottawa, ON K1P 6K6

Victor Serveiss
Environmental Advisor
International Joint Commission
U.S. Section
2000 L Street, NW, Suite #615
Washington, DC 20440

Secretariat   Responsibilities

Raj S. Bejankiwar
Physical Scientist
International Joint Commission
Great Lakes Regional Office
100 Ouellette Avenue, 8th Floor
Windsor, ON N9A 6T3