Watermarks from the Soo

By Jeff Kart, IJC

Our Great Lakes public meetings have concluded, wrapping up a six-city tour of the basin. For this month’s Watermark series, we go back to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, where we held our first meeting on March 2 to gather comments on the IJC’s draft Triennial Assessment of Progress report, and the governments’ Progress Report of the Parties.

Both reports deal with work on protections under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement between Canada and the United States. Both Watermarks below, like others in the series, touch on personal Great Lakes stories. What’s your personal connection to the Great Lakes?

Thanks to all who attended our meetings and all who volunteered to record Watermarks. Stay tuned for more videos in future issues of Great Lakes Connection. Find other IJC watermarks here and on a special Lake Ontario Waterkeeper site, where you can add your own Watermark.


One thought on “Watermarks from the Soo”

  1. I attended your meeting in Sault Ste Marie and was very impressed with the Commission’s reception of comments from concerned locals and the attention paid to aboriginal presentations. I grew up by the St. Mary’s River in downtown Soo and presently reside on the upper St Mary’s River. The improvements to the waterway over the last number of years has been impressive. I would like to complement the work done by the IJC and BPAC on everything they have accomplished to date and sincerely hope this work can continue well into the future. What we leave is our legacy to future generations and I believe we are leaving the River better than my generation found it because of the work of organisations such as the IJC and BPAC.

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