Air Your Views Until Aug. 8

By IJC staff

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Credit: Jayden Yoon

“Pollution from Canadian refineries an ‘embarrassment’ compared with U.S.,” read a May 2 headline in The Star of Toronto. The article went on to report that Canadian refineries pump out far higher levels of some key pollutants compared to their U.S. counterparts.

“Smog alert could be linked to U.S. coal-fired generators,” The London Free Press, also in Ontario, declared on May 29, focusing on fossil fuel power plants in Michigan and other Great Lakes states.

Air pollution doesn’t respect borders. And the effects are felt in Canada and the United States.

The two countries signed an Air Quality Agreement in 1991, committing to cut emissions of pollutants that cause acid rain and contribute to smog. The agreement also set up an Air Quality Committee to report every two years on progress.

The public comment period on the latest report comes to a close on Aug. 8. If you care about air quality, you should make your voice heard.

Some questions to consider: What do you think about the ongoing efforts of our two countries to address transboundary air quality issues? What issues do you think should have the highest priority?

You can comment online, or via email or snail mail. More information is at You do not need to register to submit a comment.

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