Privacy Policy

This is how we will use the information you provide to us.

Comments provided to the International Joint Commission (IJC) when using this website will be compiled and reviewed by the IJC and the Working Group of government representatives that is advising the IJC.

The comments, along with the commenter’s name, organization, city and state or province, may be made available to the public in summary documents, posted on a website, or provided on request.

Contact information provided to the IJC in the designated fields (Email address) will only be used to send information on the topic at hand, and only if the commenter indicates he or she wishes to receive such information. Contact information provided in these fields will not be shared with any person or entity outside of the IJC’s reporting structure.

Persons submitting comments should take care not to include private information in the body of their comments (ie, in the Comments field), or in attached files, if they do not wish such information made available to the public.

Thank you for participating in the comment process!