Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

The Governments of Canada and the United States on April 15, 1972, entered into an Agreement on Great Lakes Water Quality and asked the IJC to assist in implementation of this Agreement. The Governments entered into a new Agreement in 1978 (amended in 1983 and 1987) replacing the 1972 Agreement and again requested the IJC to assist in the implementation of the Agreement.

By the terms of the 1978 Agreement, the Governments of Canada and the United States asked the IJC to assist in implementing the agreement by collating, analyzing and disseminating data and information about the operation and effectiveness of objectives, programs and other measures called for by the Agreement; tendering advice and recommendations to governments regarding the quality of the boundary waters of the Great Lakes System and matters covered by the Agreement; assisting in coordinating joint activities; assisting in and providing advice on matters related to research; and investigating such subjects related to the Great Lakes Basin ecosystem as are referred to the IJC by the Canadian and U.S. Governments. The IJC must make a full report to governments at least biennially concerning progress toward achievement of the objectives of the Agreement and programs and other measures taken pursuant to the Agreement.