25 Years of the International Watersheds Initiative in One Report

kevin bunch
Kevin Bunch
iwi showcase report cover 2023

The IJC has a new showcase report reflecting on the 25th anniversary of the International Watersheds Initiative.

This report reflects on achievements seen over the past quarter-century of the IWI, while also looking ahead to the challenges, opportunities and priorities the initiative may face over the next 25 years.

In the past 25 years, through IJC collaboration and consultation with governments and local people, three watershed boards and one pilot watershed board have been designated.

In addition, the Commission enhanced public and Indigenous membership and partnership within all its boards. This has enabled major efforts related to data harmonization along the entire transboundary, improved water quality modelling and assessment, climate change resilience assessments, and helped the IJC’s boards with a wide variety of projects and studies related to their individual responsibilities.

“Transboundary watershed challenges will become more complex and multiply over the next 25 years,” according to the report’s executive summary.

“These include the climate change emergency, threats to water quality, and habitat loss and biodiversity, among others. There is also a need and a challenge to form watershed boards in all transboundary watersheds shared by Canada and the United States.

“The IWI can also benefit from improved Indigenous collaboration and participation, additional resources, and strengthened agency participation. The IJC will consider a number of steps to address these challenges and will continue to be guided by the watershed approach.”

Read the “International Watershed Initiative's 25th Anniversary Showcase Report: Building on the Achievements of the IWI as a Binational Solution to Transboundary Water Issues.”

kevin bunch
Kevin Bunch

Kevin Bunch is a writer-communications specialist at the IJC’s US Section office in Washington, D.C.