Development of Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River ecosystem performance indicator monitoring strategy to support long-term adaptive management


Aquatic Ecosystem Health

Project Description

The Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River Adaptive Management Committee is continuing in the development of its long-term strategy to ensure a full review of the regulation plans in the 15 year review period specified in the updated Orders of Approval. As part of that process, the committee is reviewing the existing ecosystem performance indicators within the Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River system to assess which indicators must be tracked over the long-term. The purpose of this project is to develop a manageable path forward for undertaking monitoring and assessment of those priority ecosystem indicators in the future. The committee proposes that an expert be engaged to lead the development of a white paper regarding critical Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River ecosystem indicators. The expert would build on existing information developed through the International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Study and related efforts including work of the GLAM Committee (e.g. the wetlands and remote sensing experts workshops) to develop a white paper outlining a proposed approach.