Engaging lower St. Lawrence River Municipalities in the Province of Quebec to Document High Water Impacts in support of GLAMs Expedited Plan 2014 Review



Project Description

The project aims to obtain information about impacts of high water levels and flows along the shores of the lower St. Lawrence River below the Moses-Saunders dam covering 53 Regional County Municipalities (MRC) along the shore of the St. Lawrence River beginning at the Ontario/Quebec border downstream through Trois Rivières. In Quebec, the Zone d’Intervention Prioritaire (ZIP) could be of assistance in organizing meetings and gathering information from the municipalities. The three ZIPs of interest include the Comité ZIP du Haut Saint-Laurent, the Comité ZIP Jacques-Cartier and the Comité ZIP du Lac St. Pierre covering 35 municipalities. Given the ZIPs local knowledge and connection with the local communities, they are well suited to work with the municipalities and/or any stakeholders in their area to gather and compile information on impacts including economic damages. Additionally, the GLAM Committee members along with International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence Board members and IJC staff will then meet with local municipalities and ZIPs to discuss the compiled information as part of an engagement process. All of the information provided by individual conservation authorities and municipalities will be included in an overall summary. The summary will include a written report with graphs and tables and an accompanying database (eg. excel spreadsheet) of reported impacts by jurisdiction.




ZIPS, Great Lakes-St Lawrence River Cities initiative, Shoreline Municipalities, Quebec Ministry of Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change