Extended hindcast of Water Supply Components over Canada/U.S. Transboundary Watersheds based on the CaPA, CaLDAS and GEM systems


Water Quantity

Project Description

In line with the final goal established in 2015 of generating a 30-year, 15-km, daily hindcast of precipitation, evaporation and runoff for all Canada/U.S. transboundary watersheds, this project focuses on the production of a 5-year hindcast of the Canadian Precipitation Analysis system (CaPA), the Canadian Land Data Assimilation System (CaLDAS) and the Global Environmental Multiscale (GEM). Given the limitations identified during the first IWI project with the ensemble forecasting system and the reality that a much faster supercomputer will be available shortly to create the hindcast, the focus of this proposal is on the improvement of the methodology for creating the hindcast, including thorough testing over a five-year period. Once the method is fully validated, it will then be possible to replicate it over five more production cycles of five years, creating the desired 30-year hindcast.