IJC Commissioners to Attend St. Croix Science Forum and Public Open House - November 20 and 21st


(November 13, 2014) International Joint Commissioner’s Dereth Glance and Benoit Bouchard, will attend the Sustaining the St. Croix Watershed: Research, Partnerships, and Action science forum being held at the Huntsman Marine Sciences Center, just outside of St. Andrews-by the Sea in New Brunswick, November 20 and 21st.

From 7-9pm on Thursday November 20, 2014 Commissioners will be at the public open house, along with other local organizations at the Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre 139 Water St, St Andrews, N.B. to discuss water quality issues related to the St. Croix River and answer questions. 

The science forum organized around the four themes of Fisheries, Ecosystems-Based Management, Climate Change, and Resilient Communities is a joint project of the International Joint Commission’s St. Croix River Watershed Board and the St. Croix International Waterway Commission.

Additional information about the science forum can be found at: http://www.stateofthestcroix.org/


Nick Heisler                          Ottawa                       613-992-8367     heislern@ottawa.ijc.org

Frank Bevacqua                    Washington             202-736-9024       bevacquaf@washington.ijc.org


The Hon. Benoît Bouchard was elected Member of Parliament for Roberval in 1984. Mr. Bouchard served in the Federal Cabinet in several posts from 1986 to 1993 including Minister of Transport, Minister of Industry, Science and Technology and Minister of Health and Welfare. In 1993, he was appointed Ambassador of France. Mr. Bouchard was Chair of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada from 1996 to 2001. 

Ms. Glance is the former Executive Program Director for Citizens Campaign for the Environment where she also served on New York State's Great Lakes Basin Advisory Council, the Clean Water Network and the Onondaga Lake Partnership Outreach Committee. Ms. Glance also served from 2005-2011 as Board Member on the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency where she chaired the Recycling Committee.

The International St. Croix Watershed Board   http://ijc.org/en_/iscrwb

The International Joint Commission has had an International Board operating in the St. Croix basin continuously since 1915.  The IJC formally combined its water regulation and pollution boards in September 2000 and established the International St. Croix River Board.  In April 2007, the IJC issued a new directive designating the board as its first international watershed board and broadening its mandate proactively assist in preventing and resolving disputes regarding the boundary waters of the St. Croix River by working with stakeholders within the watershed to monitor the, monitoring the ecological health of the St. Croix River  boundary waters aquatic ecosystem, and to ensure compliance with the Commission's Orders of Approval for structures in the St. Croix River.