IJC Issues Supplementary Order of Approval for Peace Bridge Expansion


The International Joint Commission (IJC) issued a Supplementary Order of Approval on December 28, 1999 for the proposed expansion of the Peace Bridge over the Niagara River (copy attached).

The Supplementary Order amends the Order of Approval issued by the IJC on April 30, 1999 by extending the timeframe for construction for the project by one year. Under the Supplementary Order of Approval, construction affecting water levels and flows must begin by December 31, 2000 and must conclude by December 31, 2004. The approval for construction, maintenance and operation will now terminate by December 31, 2004, unless the project is essentially complete.

The Supplementary Order was issued by the IJC after consideration of a request from the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority dated November 30, 1999. The request from the Authority stated that the start of construction has been delayed by lawsuits.

The April 30, 1999 Order of Approval was issued by the IJC following review by its International Niagara River Board of Control of an application from the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority and comment received in writing and at IJC public hearings in Niagara Falls, Ontario and Buffalo. The April 30, 1999 Order of Approval is available on the IJC's web site at:


Under the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909, the IJC approves certain uses, obstructions and diversions of boundary waters that would affect the natural level or flow across the boundary. The original Peace Bridge was approved by the IJC in 1925. For more information, visit the IJC's web site at:

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