The International Air Quality Advisory Board Submits its 24th Progress Report on Transboundary Air Quality


The International Air Quality Advisory Board (IAQAB) has submitted its24th Progress Report on transboundary air quality to the International Joint Commission (IJC).

Consistent with the direction advocated in the IJC's "The IJC and the 21stCentury," how the IJC can be of greater assistance to the governments in meeting future transboundary environmental challenges, the IAQAB report reviews the progress made and the challenges associated with crucial transboundary air quality issues.

The IAQAB report reviews:


  • acid gas emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxides;
  • binational efforts towards solutions for ground level ozone problems;
  • environmental impacts of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (a gasoline additive); and
  • progress in the implementation of the fine particulate (PM 2.5) regulation in the U.S. and Canada.

The International Joint Commission is a binational Canada-United States organization established by The Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909. It assists governments in managing waters along the border and alerts them to air quality issues of transboundary concern.

Additional information, including the 24th Progress Report on air quality may be found on the IJC's web site:


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