International Joint Commission to Establish Task Force to Investigate Red River Flooding


The federal governments of both Canada and the United States have written to the International Joint Commission (the Commission) asking it to examine and report on the causes and effects of the flooding in the Red River basin and to make recommendations on the means of reducing future risks from flooding.

"With the formal request for our involvement, we can now proceed to appoint a Task Force" said Leonard Legault, Chairman of the Canadian Section of the Commission," We will bring together a group of individuals with backgrounds that touch on every element of the situation that needs to be looked into."

The Task Force will draw upon the experience and skills of many people from provincial, state and local governments, community organizations, businesses and private citizens. Once assembled, the Task Force will conduct inquiries for the Commission which will hold public meetings in both the United States and Canada.

" The Commission has been asked to consider all aspects of flooding and to report to the governments by the end of 1998," said Tom Baldini, Chairman of the United States Section of the Commission. " This will include flood forecasting, flood controls, emergency preparedness, land use practices and related issues."

The International Joint Commission is a binational Canada-United States organization established by the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909. It assists the governments in managing waters along the border for the benefit of both countries. It has built its reputation by producing cooperation among a variety of interests on both sides of the border.


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