The International Joint Commission Looks Ahead



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The International Joint Commission Looks Ahead

The International Joint Commission has released its vision of its future role in the preservation and protection of the North American environment. EntitledThe IJC and the 21st Century, the vision responds to a request from the Governments of Canada and the United States for proposals on how IJC can best assist them to meet the environmental challenges of the 21st century. A summary of the vision is attached.

The vision sets out five proposals. Foremost among them is the creation of a system of international watershed boards stretching from coast to coast. This new system of local boards and the other proposals would help governments in addressing transboundary environmental problems and preventing and resolving disputes on these matters.

In preparing its proposals, IJC consulted with nongovernmental organizations, scientists, academics and provincial and state governments. The IJC will now hold consultations on the proposals made in the report. The governments have received IJC's report and will make their views known in due course.