International Joint Commission Will Reduce Rainy Lake Outflows


The International Joint Commission hereby announces the issuance of a Supplementary Order for Rainy Lake that permits a reduction in the minimum outflow from the current Order's average of 103.4 cubic metres per second (3,650 cubic feet per second) to 63.7 cubic metres per second (2,250 cubic feet per second) until such time as the lake level is back within its rule curve.

The Commission is acting further to public comment from people on Rainy Lake and Rainy River and on the recommendation of its International Rainy Lake Board of Control, which had also consulted on this matter with various local interests.

The International Joint Commission was created under the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 to help prevent and resolve disputes over the use of waters along the Canada-United States boundary. Under the Rainy Lake Convention of 1938, the Commission also sets the outflow from Rainy and Namakan Lakes to prevent them from reaching emergency high and low water conditions. For more information, visit on the World Wide Web.


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