Directive to the International St. Mary-Milk Rivers
Administrative Measures Task Force

The purpose of this directive is to establish and direct the International St. Mary-Milk Rivers Administrative Measures Task Force. This Task Force is formed to examine and report to the International Joint Commission on measures for improvements to existing administrative procedures of the St. Mary and Milk Rivers apportionment to ensure more beneficial use and optimal receipt by each country of its apportioned waters. This will include examining these administrative procedures, such as accounting procedures, surpluses and deficits, accounting periods, and any other administrative measures the group may find pertinent to its task.

The Commission will appoint members of the Task Force and Co-Chairs to lead the Task Force's efforts. The Co-Chairs will be responsible for organizing and executing the work of the Task Force, and for coordinating with and reporting to the Commission. The Task Force will be binational and multi-disciplinary and comprise an equal number of members from each country. Members of the Task Force will act in their personal and professional capacities and not as representatives of their countries, agencies, organizations, or other affiliations. The Commission will provide guidance to the Task Force and will seek resources from the two Governments to support its efforts (including resource contributions by Task Force members' agencies). Members of the Task Force and work groups will be responsible for their own expenses unless otherwise arranged by the Commission.

In addressing its mission, and to access the full breadth of available information, the Task Force will consult with appropriate organizations in both countries, and with the work groups of the Accredited Officers' Field Representatives. It will analyze and evaluate available information, and will inform the Commission of any additional information necessary to address pertinent issues.

The Task Force will strive to reach decisions by consensus and will notify the Commission of any irreconcilable differences. Any lack of clarity in instructions or directives received from the Commission shall be referred promptly to the Commission.

The Commission stresses the importance of public outreach and consultation. It will be necessary to coordinate such activities with the Commission.

The Task Force will keep the Commission fully informed of its meetings and progress through regular communications with the Commission Secretaries or their designees.

The Commission authorizes the Task Force to begin its work in January 2005. The Task Force shall submit a work plan with an associated schedule of activities and budget for the Commission's approval by February 5, 2005. The work plan shall include provision for an appropriate public consultation process. The Task Force shall submit an interim report to the Commission by March 28, 2005, and its final report no later than June 30, 2005. Any recommended measures that could be implemented as early as the 2005 irrigation season shall be included in the interim report or earlier if practicable. The final report shall contain the Task Force's complete findings and recommendations.

While the Commission intends for this to be an open study, the Task Force may meet privately in executive session when needed. Communications between the Task Force and the Commission are privileged and become available for public information only after release by the Commission.

Signed: November 30, 2004

Elizabeth C. Bourget
United States Section
Murray Clamen
Canadian Section