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The roles of the DHTF include data, oversight, communications, and facilitating stewardship.

Data: The DHTF’s roles include the harmonization of water-related geospatial datasets. It is important to ensure that these data products provide stakeholders a standardized system of transboundary drainage areas and hydrography together for real world applications and analysis. To ensure that the benefits are felt everywhere the DHTF is facilitating the incorporation of the harmonized data into the participating agencies' geospatial programs.

Oversight and communications: The DHTF provides oversight to the Hydrography and Drainage Area Harmonization technical groups. This includes communication, interaction, and coordination, as well as receiving feedback from the hydrography and drainage area groups to help continually refine the approach, and recognize and measure success.

In addition, the DHTF strengthens and formalizes federal, regional and local stakeholder participation, and raises awareness in both governments that consistent institutional support is critical for the long-term evolution and sustainability of this effort.


Data and Map Access

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Beyond the data, binational harmonization requires collaboration.

Without partners, Transboundary Hydrographic Data Harmonization could not be accomplished. The IJC’s unique role in Canada-U.S. water-resource relations allows the Transboundary Hydrographic Data Harmonization Task Force to facilitate direct collaborations amongst those agencies responsible for water-resource management in Canada and the United States.

It is important to acknowledge the effort and in-kind time of all partners and their contributions to jointly participate, review, and correct hydrography geospatial data issues within the shared binational basins. The DHTF spends a substantial amount of time and effort on coordination which has been the key for successful hydrographic data harmonization. Following is a partial list of the partners who have contributed to the harmonization effort.




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