Kootenay Lake Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment


Climate Change

Project Description

Climate change has many impacts on watersheds, such as raising or lowering water levels and altering anticipated runoff volumes. It is critical that these changes are analyzed using plans created by climate change professionals in order to ensure the right factors are being assessed and planned for.  

The International Kootenay Lake Board of Control has hired climate change experts to develop a detailed scope of work for an assessment of climate change vulnerabilities to Kootenay Lake. The hired climate change experts will develop a detailed assessment plan and carry out an assessment of climate change vulnerabilities as they relate to the current International Joint Commision (IJC) Kootenay Order of Approval. In addition to conforming to the IJC’s Order of Approval, the expert’s assessment plan will include all four steps of the IJC’s Climate Change Guidance Framework 

This project will last 14 months, and the final report is expected to be delivered at the end of November 2024. This final report will include all the key findings of this project: summarizing the development and calibration of Lake Kootenay hydrological reservoir models, an analysis of the current and future Kootenay Lake levels and the vulnerabilities related to the 1938 Order Rule Curve, a lessons learned section discussing aspects of the project that should be highlighted for future reference, and a plain- language summary of the report for board communication purposes.