Scope of Work for Kootenay Lake Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment


Climate Change

Project Description

Climate change has many impacts on watersheds such as raising or lowering water levels and altering anticipated runoff volumes. It is critical that these changes are analyzed using plans created by climate change professionals in order to ensure the right factors are being assessed and planned for. 

The International Kootenay Lake Board of Control has hired climate change experts to develop a detailed scope of work for an assessment of climate change vulnerabilities to Kootenay Lake. The scope of work may include work phases such as reservoir modeling, hazard analysis, and hydrological data development. 

This project will be used to inform a future study to assess the vulnerability of Kootenay Lake to a projected shift in the climate and hydrology in the Kootenay River Basin and will precede and inform a full review of the 1938 IJC Kootenay Order of Approval.