Lake Champlain-Richelieu River Study Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of these FAQs is to provide the public and interested parties in the Lake Champlain-Richelieu River Basin information on the International Lake Champlain Richelieu River Study Board's mandate to investigate the causes, impacts, risks and potential solutions to flooding in the basin.

These FAQs are continually being updated to include information from the study as it becomes available and to respond to the questions and comments the Study Board receives from the public. 

You can send any comments, suggestions, and questions to the Board here: Contact Us.

This FAQ site is organized with the following sections:  

  • Section 1: About the Study 
  • Section 2: Mitigation Measures and Impacts 

  • Section 3: Environmental and Climate Change Considerations 

  • Section 4: Study Recommendations and Advice