Virtual Technical Webinars on the Lake Champlain-Richelieu River Study


The Lake Champlain-Richelieu River Study Board is inviting you to participate in a series of technical webinars that will be taking place over the next several weeks. Starting on Thursday November 5th, the Study Board will host a weekly webinar (morning in English; afternoon in French) presenting some of the technical aspects of the study from some of the experts leading the research. The webinars will include in-depth presentations followed by a Q and A period where participants can ask study members specific questions on their work.

Technical Webinar Schedule

Date & Time  Topic of Technical Webinar 
Thursday, November 5th
10:00 (EN); 14:00 (FR) 
Watershed Storage: use of wetlands and the temporary flooding of farmlands to reduce flooding 
November 12th  
10:00 (EN); 14:00 (FR) 
Overview of Performance Indicators 
November 18th  
10:00 (EN); 14:00 (FR) 
Improvements in forecasting (includes information on actual flood forecasting systems) 
November 24th  
11:00 (EN); 15:00 (FR) 
Development of a performance indicator for damages to residential buildings and its use in economic analysis   
December 2nd  
10:00 (EN); 14:00 (FR) 
How the LCRR study is assessing Climate Change  
December 9th  
10:00 (EN); 14:00 (FR) 
Chambly Canal diversion 
December 16th
10:00 (EN); 14:00 (FR) 
Floodplain management considerations 
Jan 11-15th (TBC)
10:00 (EN); 14:00 (FR) 
Risk perception surveys, vulnerability and other social science studies 

(the same content will be shared during the English and French sessions)


Please register for the technical webinars at the Eventbrite pages linked in the events schedule listed above. For the links to the events in French, click here.

International Lake Champlain-Richelieu River Study Board