Lake Champlain-Richelieu River Plan of Study Workgroup

Completed in 2013. The International Lake Champlain-Richelieu River Plan of Study Workgroup was established to develop a plan of study concerning the record flooding of Lake Champlain and its tributaries, and of the Richelieu River.

In letters dated March 19, 2012, the Governments of the United States and Canada asked the IJC to develop a study proposal which would examine the causes and impacts of flooding that occurred during the spring and summer of 2011, as well as the full range of measures to prepare for, prevent and mitigate such impacts.

The Workgroup will develop a Plan of Study that will identify the studies needed for an evaluation of the causes and impacts of the flooding; as well as what studies are necessary to develop appropriate mitigation solutions and recommendations. 

The Plan of Study will outline required and recommended studies needed to develop a comprehensive flood mitigation framework. It will account for the existing and ongoing workin the Lake Champlain Basin and Richelieu River. The Plan of study will also include an estimate of the overall costs required to fulfill the request from the Governments, taking into consideration any possible in-kind contributions that jurisdictions may provide. The Workgroup will submit its plan of study to the IJC by the end of 2012.