Dockets - Applications & References

IJC work is undertaken by way of applications and references which are organized by docket. Key documents such as letters from governments assigning work to the IJC, Task Force or Study Board reports to the IJC, and final reports and letters from the IJC to the governments are available from the website.
An Application by the West Kootenay Power and Light Co. Ltd. and the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada Ltd. for a five year renewal of the storage on Kootenay Lake that had been approved under Dockets 43 and 47.
A Reference to review existing plans for the development of tidal power in Passamaquoddy and Cobscook Bays and evaluate the costs to determine the practicability of any of the plans.
A Reference to examine and report upon the facts and circumstances concerning a complaint by a Montana rancher that the water that normally flowed in Sage Creek into the United States was being appropriated in Alberta.
A Reference to examine and report on the extent, causes, and location of pollution in St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair, and Detroit River. Further, the IJC was asked to recommend possible remedies or means of preventing the pollution of these waters.

In fulfillment of its obligations under the 1938 Rainy Lake Convention, the IJC initiated further studies on Rainy Lake watershed emergency conditions.

A Reference requesting investigations and recommendations for greater use and development of the waters of the Columbia River System.
An Application by the Ontario and Minnesota Pulp and Paper Company for permission to install annually a temporary dam at Ash Rapids between Shoal and Lock Lakes for operation during the winter months to assist wood floating operations
An Application by the Creston Reclamation Company Limited to reclaim flooded lands in Duck Lake.
An Application by the State of Washington to give consideration to the effects on levels on Okanagan River and Osoyoos Lake of the construction of certain works (Zosel dam) and the formation of sand bars in river and ways to adjust the matter if levels were affected
An Application by West Kootenay Power and Light for permission to continue the additional storage on Kootenay Lake (approved under Docket 43)