Dockets - Applications & References

IJC work is undertaken by way of applications and references which are organized by docket. Key documents such as letters from governments assigning work to the IJC, Task Force or Study Board reports to the IJC, and final reports and letters from the IJC to the governments are available from the website.
An Application by the St. Croix Paper Company to replace an existing timber dam at the outlet of East Grand Lake in the St. Croix River at Forest City. (See Dockets 10 and 11).
An Application by Cominco Ltd for the two foot storage on Kootenay Lake for the 1966-67 winter
A Reference on air pollution in the Port Huron-Sarnia and Detroit-Windsor region to determine if the air was being polluted on either side to the detriment of the health, safety or general welfare of citizens or property on the other side of the boundary; to identify the sources and extent of the po
An Application by Ontario Hydro (now Ontario Power Generation) and the New York Power Authority for permission to construct and operate an ice boom at the outlet of Lake Erie to accelerate the formation of a stable upstream ice cover and mitigate downstream ice jams.
An Application by the St. Croix Paper Co. for approval to replace the small storage dam some 30 years old at Vanceboro at the outlet of Spednik Lake.
A Reference to investigate whether the Red River was being polluted to an extent that was causing or likely to cause injury to health or property on the other side of the boundary
A Reference to determine whether measures within the Great Lakes Basin can be taken to regulate the water levels of the Great Lakes to reduce extreme low and high water stages.
A Reference to study the pollution of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and the international section of the St. Lawrence River
An Application was made by the Power Authority of the State of New York with the support of the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario for shoal removal at Niagara Falls on the United States side of the International Boundary, near Tower Island.
A Reference to investigate and report on measures to develop the water resources of the Pembina River Basin in Manitoba and North Dakota, and to determine what plan or plans of co‑operative development would be practical, economically feasible and to the advantage of the two countries.