Dockets - Applications & References

IJC work is undertaken by way of applications and references which are organized by docket. Key documents such as letters from governments assigning work to the IJC, Task Force or Study Board reports to the IJC, and final reports and letters from the IJC to the governments are available from the website.
A Reference to review available information regarding the proposed Ontario Hydro (now Ontario Power Generation) Redevelopment Project and its potential transboundary and environmental effects.
A Reference to investigate the causes and effects of flooding in the Red River Basin.
A Reference to define the framework for operating international watershed boards as recommended by the Commission in its 1997 report, The IJC and the 21st Century.
A Reference to assist the Parties in the implementation of the Canada-United States Air Quality Agreement.

A Reference to examine and report on methods to alleviate the adverse consequences of fluctuating water levels in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River basin

A Reference to examine water quality and quantity of the Flathead River relating to the transboundary water quality and quantity implications of the proposed coal mine development in British Columbia; and to make recommendations which would assist Governments in ensuring that the provisions of Artic
An application by the Georgia-Pacific Corporation to reconstruct and maintain a diversion dyke in the St. Croix River near Baileyville, Maine.
An application by the State of Washington for approval to replace Zosel Dam for the purpose of regulating the levels of Osoyoos Lake.
A Reference to conduct studies to determine the possibilities for limited regulation of Lake Erie in order to reduce flood and erosion problems.
A Reference to examine and report the effects of existing and proposed diversions within, into, or out of the Great Lakes basin and the effects of consumptive uses on Great Lakes water levels and flows.