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The International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board (Board) will continue to increase outflows to provide relief to shoreline interests on Lake Ontario after it agreed to raise flows above the regulation plan’s maximum L-Limit, considered to be the safe threshold for commercial navigation.
Lake Ontario water levels have started to stabilize due to decreased precipitation and increased Lake Ontario outflows, which have been increasing rapidly as Ottawa River flows have continued to drop from their record highs this spring.

Lake Ontario has reached 75.90 m (249.02 ft), exceeding the record peak of 75.88 m (248.95 ft) set in 2017, and will continue rising gradually over the next several days, but is expected to reach this year’s peak within one to three weeks. 

Lake Ontario water levels have reached 75.85 m (248.85 ft) and will likely reach or exceed the 2017 record high of 75.88 m (248.95 ft) with the next few days.  Forecasts show that Lake Ontario levels are expected to crest within the next one to three weeks, mostly likely within a few centimeters…

Outflows from Lake Ontario have increased once again after they were temporarily reduced after heavy rainfall a week ago caused a second peak in Ottawa River flows, which led to an increase in St. Lawrence River water levels and additional flooding on the St. Lawrence River near Montreal. 

LAKE ONTARIO OUTFLOWS CONTINUE TO BE ADJUSTED TO BALANCE HIGH WATER LEVELS - With Lake Ontario caught between a flooding Lake Erie and a flooded lower St. Lawrence River, outflows from Lake Ontario continue to be frequently adjusted to balance the impacts of high water levels that are occurring…

A major flood event is under way in the lower St. Lawrence River with levels in some areas above 2017 peaks, while levels throughout the Lake Ontario - St. Lawrence River system are expected to keep rising significantly this coming week due to rainfall across the basin. 

HIGH LAKE ONTARIO OUTFLOWS CONTINUE - The outflow from Lake Ontario remains very high and it continues to be gradually increased in response to rising Lake Ontario levels and persistently high inflows from Lake Erie.
PLAN 2014 CONTINUES TO REDUCE LAKE ONTARIO FLOOD RISKS. BOAT HAULOUT ASSISTANCE PLANNED FOR LAKE ST. LAWRENCE -- Lake Ontario water levels have recently dipped below long-term average for the first time since January 2017.
NEW REPORT ON 2017 LAKE ONTARIO AND ST. LAWRENCE RIVER FLOODING -- A report released today by the International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board (the Board) provides a detailed account of the historic 2017 flood, and the Board’s actions under Plan 2014 to regulate Lake Ontario outflows in the…