Re-establishing a relationship between the Lake Superior Board of Control and Batchewana First Nation


Aquatic Ecosystem Health

Project Description

This project aimed to re-establish the relationship between the International Lake Superior Board of Control (ISLBC) and the Batchewana First Nations (BFN). The BFN are directly impacted by the IJC’s actions in the Sault Ste. Maurie area. Whitefish Island is part of the BFN as seen from their long-term use of the area. The island is downstream from hydropower plants and is very sensitive to flow changes. In recent years, compensation works have caused high flows. The high-water conditions have negatively impacted BFN activities, trails, and structures on Whitefish Island. The ISLBC has sought expert guidance from the People Plan Community to conduct a face-to-face meeting with the BFN on their territory in the Sault St. Marie area. Through previous outreach efforts, the BFN has requested a face-to-face meeting with the IJC. Meeting preparation, in addition to facilitation of the meeting will be orchestrated with expert guidance, to prepare and educate Board members and staff for the meeting. The facilitators have provided follow-up meeting notes along with a final report with expert advice on next steps towards building a lasting relationship.