NYPA crews pull one of the first pontoon strings out to Lake Erie to begin the installation of the ice boom for the 2018-19 ice season.

Ice Boom Information

Update November 30, 2020

Installation of the Lake Erie - Niagara River Ice Boom has not started for the 2020/21 ice season. A notice will be issued to media and public, and posted on this web site before installation begins.

Public Consultation - Early Ice Boom Installation 2020

New York Power Authority (NYPA) is requesting International Joint Commission (IJC) approval for early installation of the ice boom for the 2020-2021 ice season to provide additional time to implement COVID-19 staff safety protocols.The International Joint Commission’s International Niagara Board of Control is currently seeking public input with respect to the proposed start date of November 30, 2020.

Should any member of the public have comments or concern on this installation date, please send them to the below contacts by November 19, 2020 3 pm EST:

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More Ice Boom Information

Ice Boom Reports can be found here.

The Ice Boom is operated by the New York Power Authority to reduce the potential for ice jams in the Niagara River. For further information, see Frequently Asked Questions on the Ice Boom.

The New York Power Authority Ice Boom camera shows current images of the boom.

This video from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers describes the boom and how it is monitored in cooperation with the International Niagara Board of Control and other agencies.