Osoyoos Lake Water Science Forum 2015 - A Watershed Beyond Boundaries: Stewardship of our Shared Waters



Project Description

The International Osoyoos Lake Board of Control (IOLBC), in collaboration with water management agencies, Tribes, First Nations and communities on both sides of border presents the Osoyoos Lake Water Science Forum (OLWSF). The OLWSF provides an opportunity for residents of the Okanogan/Okanagan watershed to learn about water management and ecological health issues of importance to Osoyoos Lake and the broader transboundary watershed. In addition, for resource managers and stakeholders to share issues of concern and identify common goals and challenges, and to promote transboundary stewardship of this valuable lake and the ecosystem it supports. A report summarizing the key points made by panelists and audience members at the forum will be published. This work will provide a lasting record of the event; a source of information on issues and conditions in the transboundary Okanagan/Okanogan watershed as presented and discussed during the event; and a reference point for future activities and actions aimed at improving the state of the watershed and/or public knowledge of key issues and information to promote increased engagement on collaborative watershed management.




ECCC, USGS, Okanagan Basin Water Board, Town of Osoyoos, Washington State Department of Ecology, Regional District Okanagan/Similkameen, Okanagan National Alliance