Online Interactive Visualization Technology - Phase 1



Project Description

This project aims to provide the International Joint Commission (IJC) with technical recommendations on user-friendly, automated, online interactive visualization tools for communicating dynamic data and other scientific information to IJC’s boards, stakeholders and the public. Having produced similar tools in the past, the National Research Council (NRC) is proposing to develop the required technology for the IJC. The information is to be presented through user-friendly interactive web-based dynamic visualization tools. The purpose of these tools is to present and communicate relevant information to IJC’s boards, stakeholders and the public in a manner that can be understood by laypersons. These tools are to be fully automated, where appropriate, allowing a hands-off approach in terms of data handling by the IJC. The initial phase of the project covered by the present proposal involves establishing a clear identification of IJC’s current and anticipated future needs and IT capabilities, conducting an in-depth review of available technologies and their requirements and preparing a final report that will detail the review and NRC's recommendations. Additionally, based on the information found, NRC will create two prototypes showcasing dynamic visualization tools for IJC Board use for the consideration of the IJC.




ECCC, NRCouncil