The International Joint Commission (IJC) notes that precipitation for April and May in the Rainy Lake - Namakan Chain of Lakes basin was the highest since 1948. Water levels on Rainy Lake and the Namakan Chain of Lakes are the highest seen since 1968 and exceed levels at which the Commission requires that all gates and fishways at the discharge facilities at the outlets of these lakes be fully open.

The Commission notes that it appears that water levels on Namakan Lake have peaked and that levels on Rainy Lake are expected to peak soon.

The Commission's International Rainy Lake Board of Control (IRLBC) plans to issue a more detailed news release in the near future, which will also appear on the IJC's web site ( . The Commission has also asked the IRLBC to review the situation that occurred this spring and provide a written report to the Commission. The Commission will make the report available to the public.

More information on water levels and flows can be found at: .

The International Joint Commission regulates the levels of Rainy and Namakan Lakes under the 1938 Rainy Lake Convention between Canada and the United States.


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