Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods

This project is to produce a Rainy-Lake of the Woods State of the Basin Report (SOBR) 2021 update in a binational project partnership of the Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation (a not-for-profit Registered Charitable Organization), the International Multi-Agency Arrangement (a…

This is for the first phase of a project to use Project WET* tools to bring news and activities of the International Rainy Lake of the Woods Watershed to schools in the basin.

StreamStats, developed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), is a Web-based Geographic Information System (GIS). It provides users with access to an assortment of analytical tools useful for water-resources planning and management, along with engineering applications.

This project will develop water quality and aquatic ecosystem health Objectives and Alert Levels for the Rainy-Lake of the Woods Basin.

In light of a planned 3-year long gate refurbishment project at the Fort Frances dam on the Rainy River, an existing 2-D hydrodynamic model will be updated with recent measured water level data in order to simulate the conveyance losses due to gate closures during refurbishment.

The Rainy-Lake of the Woods Basin is a popular tourist destination, close to several large water systems, and there is a lack of consistent aquatic invasive species (AIS) prevention efforts across jurisdictions, which leaves it vulnerable to introduction of non-native aquatic biota and range spread…

In an effort to better understand the correlation between water levels and temperature and fish spawning in the Rainy Lake system, the International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Board (IRLWWB) need water level, temperature and fish data in the Seine River upstream of Rainy Lake.

A reference that the IJC examine bi-national governance of the Lake of the Woods and Rainy River.

A Reference to examine into and report on the extent, causes and location of pollution in boundary waters and to recommend possible remedies or means of preventing the pollution of these waters.
A Reference to investigate and report on the regulation of Lake of the Woods water levels. .