Lake of the Woods

A reference that the IJC examine bi-national governance of the Lake of the Woods and Rainy River.
A Reference to examine into and report on the extent, causes and location of pollution in boundary waters and to recommend possible remedies or means of preventing the pollution of these waters.
A Reference to investigate and report on the regulation of Lake of the Woods water levels. .
An Application by the Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg to divert an additional 200 million gallons per day (372 cfs) from Shoal Lake for domestic and sanitary purposes. An initial approval for the diversion of 100 million gallons had been granted by the IJC in 19l4, under Docket 7.
An Application by the Ontario and Minnesota Pulp and Paper Company for permission to install annually a temporary dam at Ash Rapids between Shoal and Lock Lakes for operation during the winter months to assist wood floating operations
An Application by the Greater Winnipeg Water District for the diversion and use of water from Shoal Lake and Lake of the Woods for domestic and sanitary purposes.