Rainy Lake Board of Control

Completed in 2013, the International Rainy Lake Board of Control was established in 1941 to conduct technical investigations for the IJC and ensure that the regulation of Rainy Lake and Namakan Lake outflows is in compliance with the IJC's Orders. 

In 1941 the IJC created the International Rainy Lake Board of Control (IRLBC) to examine and report on the issue of emergency conditions. On June 8, 1949, after detailed study and recommendations by the Board, the Commission issued an Order Prescribing the Method of Regulating Boundary Waters (Rainy and Namakan lakes). The Order established single rule curves for the water levels of Rainy and Namakan lakes, and also minimum outflows, in order to preclude (to the extent possible) the occurrence of emergency conditions. The 1949 Order was later amended by Supplementary Orders in October 1957July 1970 and January 2000. In January 2001 the original and the three supplementary orders were consolidated into one document, which was adopted by the Commission as the authoritative text of, and replacement for, the original order and its amendments.

As of April 1st, 2013 water regulation is delegated to the Rainy and Namakan Lake Water Levels Control Committee (Levels Committee) which has exactly the same composition as the former International Rainy Lake Board of Control and authority to act independently.