AIS Risk Assessment for Rainy – Lake of the Woods Watershed: Phase I, Coarse Filter


Aquatic Ecosystem Health

Project Description

The Rainy-Lake of the Woods Basin is a popular tourist destination close to several large water systems meaning there is ample passageway for aquatic invasive species (AIS) to enter. When this project was proposed, there was a lack of consistent AIS prevention efforts across jurisdictions, which left the basin vulnerable. 

This project involved the creation of a Risk Assessment Tool in collaboration with USGS. The tool included a database of AIS and their potential level of risk to the basin which has helped build a shared understanding of AIS in the basin and has increased the Boards technical capacity. This has supported the development of consistent, multi-jurisdictional and binational efforts on AIS for the entire watershed, with federal, state, and provincial involvement to provide a platform for resource agencies to focus efforts on priority risks and prioritize efforts for AIS education, enforcement and projects needed to protect the watershed from AIS.




AIS Subcommittee, USGS