How Are We Living With the Red? Report update



Project Description

Following the 1997 Red River flood, work was undertaken to increase the flood resiliency of the basin. The International Joint Commission’s (IJC) 2000 report, “Living with the Red”, identified a number of feasible flood mitigation measures. In 2009, IWI funding was provided to determine the status of each of the IJC’s recommendations in the report, How Are We Living With the Red?, that summarized progress on each of the recommendations. This objective of this project is to Update the "How Are We Living With the Red?" report. The project will review the status of each of the IJC’s recommendations, identify the key items and outstanding tasks left undone and identify flood vulnerabilities that still remain. The report will provide residents an understanding as to what is occurring locally and on a watershed scale across all jurisdictions. It will refresh the bi-national focus on flood control and provide an opportunity for jurisdictions to share new technology and best management practices.




USACE, North Dakota State Water Commission, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Province of Manitoba, Cities/Municipalities/Counties, Red River Basin Commission