Anadromous Fish Counts in the St. Croix River - 2024


Fish Count & Tracking

Project Description

Fish counting at Milltown Dam has been in place since 1981 and was a means of and is a method of establishing an approximate count of the anadromous fish entering the St. Croix River at the lowermost dam located in St. Stephen, NB. Milltown Dam will be fully decommissioned in June 2024. With the increasing numbers of fish in the last several years and potential for large scale restoration in the next few years, it is essential that the fish studies continue in the river in cooperation with all partners


This project will continue the fish counting efforts in 2024 by installing underwater cameras in the two new locations upstream from Milltown, Vanceboro and Dams. These cameras will be used to count the fish ascending the fishways. All data collected during this project will be made available to restoration partners and fisheries managers to support evolving restoration plans for the international St. Croix River.


At the end of the project, a final report will be written on the data gathered from the Woodland and Vanceboro locations. The draft report will be provided to partners, the International St. Croix Watershed Board, and the IJC for review, with the final report being shared with a broad range of agencies, stakeholders, interested parties, and tribal government/organizations. final spreadsheets of collected biological and other research data will also be provided to agencies, tribes, researchers, and others with interest.