St. Croix International Gage Web Map


Data Harmonization

Project Description

There is currently no streamlined on-line system for the pubic or internal users to view all data collected within the St. Croix River Watershed. The USGS and Environment Canada both collect data within the watershed, however, their separate viewing systems are not identical or linked in any way creating challenges for both public and internal viewers. 

This project seeks to develop an interactive web application map that provides a visualization of all the watershed data collected by Canada, the United States, and the International St. Croix River Watershed Board. The map will include watershed and sub-watershed boundaries, lake and stream names, structures and other geographic features, links to existing USGS and Environment Canada water quantity and water quality data, and watershed publications on the IJC/St. Croix Watershed page. 

This project will not only assist the Board with maintaining awareness on conditions in the watershed, but also facilitate the delivery of data collected in the watershed to the Board, stakeholders and the general public.