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International St. Mary and Milk Rivers Study Board Seeks Public Comment on Work Plan


The International St. Mary and Milk Rivers Study Board (ISMMRSB) is welcoming public input on its work plan.

The work plan describes the history leading up to the St. Mary and Milk Rivers study and the study’s objectives. It explains how the ISMMRSB intends to conduct its work and achieve its objectives. The work plan also includes details about public engagement activities, how the ISMMRSB’s advisory groups and technical teams are organized, and how its study findings will be reviewed.

The ISMMRSB is conducting study and analyzing data to develop recommendations to improve each country’s access to apportionment (i.e. share of the natural flow of these watersheds). These recommendations will then be submitted to the International Joint Commission (IJC) at the study’s conclusion in 2025.

The public is invited to share its feedback on the work plan by visiting the ISMMRSB website.

The comment period is open from July 28 to August 29, 2022.

Quick Facts

  • The St. Mary and Milk Rivers originate in the mountains and foothills of the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, flowing northeast across the international border from Montana into Alberta, Canada. The St. Mary River continues north, while the Milk River turns east and parallels the international border for 120 km (70 miles) before turning south back into Montana.
  • The IJC provides direction for the measurement and apportionment (sharing) of water that crosses the international boundary in the St. Mary and Milk River basins, in accordance with the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 and the IJC Order of 1921.
  • The 1921 Order provided instructions on how the measurement and apportionment (sharing) of water from these two rivers will be managed by the accredited Irrigation and Reclamation Officers – now known as the Accredited Officers - appointed by each country.

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