Adaptive Management Projects

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Binational Python Coding for Apportionment Calculations

The coding for this project will contribute to advancing the apportionment process in a binational manner. USGS will take a previous version of the code developed by ECCC and will develop code refinements to improve calculation performance. Along with an updated code, this project will test the code...

Climate Downscaling for Adaptation Planning in the Souris River Watershed

This work will provide the IJC’s International Souris River Board (ISRB) with downscaled climate data for use in multiple applications. A key responsibility of the ISRB’s Adaptive Management Committee (AMC) is to investigate and report on Souris River basin water management strategies in the face of...

Hydro-visualization Tool

The purpose of this project is to develop a real-time hydrologic and meteorologic data portal similar to the Souris River Hydro Visualization Tool . A hydro-visualization tool for the ISRB will take existing streams of real-time hydrometeorological data, as well as existing LiDAR data, and make them...