Climate Change Guidance Framework

Image of the the severe flooding on the Quebec side of the swollen Ottawa River. Pointe Gatineau is one of several areas in North America that has suffered flood conditions.

The IWI is examining climate change as one of its strategic initiatives. One of the primary paths IWI is taking under this initiative is the development of a Climate Change Guidance Framework (CCGF). The CCGF is a general framework including a recommended planning guidance method that could be used by IJC control, watershed, and pilot watershed boards. The purpose of the framework is to provide a process for the IJC to maintain, to the extent reasonably possible, the resilience of IJC’s responsible systems such as the ability to continue to maintain ecosystems, economic and social benefits and impacts within preferred ranges relative to water levels and flow management in the face of future change and uncertainties. The goal of the framework is to provide clear guidance to the boards for addressing climate change in IJC policy and operations using the best available institutional and organizational science and stakeholder input available to the boards. This framework is intended to be an iterative document to be updated as the framework is tested and climate change knowledge is improved.  


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