Going Forward

Image of Lake Superior shoreline

In 2019, the IJC commissioners adopted organization-wide priorities for its transboundary work from 2019-2023. Of those priorities, IWI activities include:

  1. Studying how climate change may impact transboundary basins and the work of IJC boards. (Climate Change and Adaptive Management)

  2. Taking a binational approach to regulating, monitoring, and remediation of water quality issues (Transboundary Water Quality)

  3. Better engagement with Indigenous peoples and the inclusion of Traditional/Indigenous Ecological Knowledge in board work (including IWI projects). (Indigenous Governments, Organizations and Citizens).

The IWI’s strategic approach and emphasis has evolved over time. The IWI has benefited from multi-board input to improve efficiency and effectiveness. To respond to lessons learned in the implementation of the IWI, the IJC is further strengthening IWI management through the IWI plan which includes proposals for additional program enhancements and directions for 2020-2025. These items include standardizing project documentation, developing an IWI steering committee, improving communication strategies and tools, and further organization of strategic initiative planning. The IWI Plan also proposes the Commission explore the need for and potential benefits of the establishment of international watershed boards in other basins.