Reports to Government

Cover image of the IWI's First Report to Governments

First Report to Governments: Transboundary Watersheds

This report provides the Commission's initial analysis of the feasibility of establishing international watershed boards along the common boundary and summarizes progress towards the establishment of watershed boards in the boundary area. It recommends that the governments approve, as a first step, the gradual development of the Commission's International Red River Board as an international watershed board. It also recommends that the governments provide resources to support this effort.





Cover image of the IWI's Second Report to Governments

Second Report to Governments: A Discussion Paper on the International Watersheds Initiative

This report focuses on strengthening the capabilities of the Commission’s existing boards to anticipate and respond to watershed issues. Building the boards’ transboundary watershed capabilities includes:



  • employing a broader, systemic perspective of the watershed;
  • expanding outreach and cooperation among organizations with local water-related
  • interests and responsibilities;
  • promoting the development of a common vision for the watershed;
  • developing a better hydrologic understanding of the water-related resources; and
  • creating the conditions for the resolution of specific watershed-related issues.


Cover image of the IWI's Third Report to Governments

Third Report to Governments: The International Watersheds Initiative: Implementing a New Paradigm for Transboundary Basins

This report summarizes accomplishments and progress made in building local capacity for implementing a watershed approach along the international boundary, and outlines the Commission’s thinking on the future direction of the IWI, with recommended next steps.





Cover image of the IWI's Fourth Report to Governments

Fourth Report to Governments: From Concept to Cornerstone

This fourth report by the International Joint Commission (IJC or the Commission) to the Governments of Canada and the United States presents the key activities and achievements of the International Watersheds Initiative (IWI) from 2010 to 2015. It describes the significant progress toward the transboundary water stewardship objectives first envisioned by the governments and IJC nearly 20 years ago, and speaks to how the IWI will continue to help guide this stewardship in the future.