Canada and the United States each appoint three of six IJC Commissioners. One Commission from each country serve concurrently as Chairs.  The Commission currently has two vacancies.  A quorum of four is required for the Commission to meet.

The Commissioners are appointed by the highest level of government in each country, - the Cabinet in Canada and the U.S. President once confirmed by the Senate.  Commissioners do not take direction from their governments, but traditionally work by consensus to find solutions that are in the best interest of both countries.

The Commissioners are supported by professional staff in in Washington, D.C. and Ottawa, Ontario, as well as a regional office in Windsor to support water quality work in the Great Lakes.


Picture Gordon Walker


Picture of Rick Morgan


Picture of Lana Pollack


Picture of Rich Moy


Gordon Walker
Canadian Chair

Richard Morgan
Canadian Commissioner

Lana Pollack
U.S. Chair

Rich Moy
U.S. Commissioner