Great Lakes Horizons Project


In 2023 the WQB, with a team of consultants, produced a report that collected and analyzed ecological, economic, social, political, demographic, technological and cultural data to identify key drivers and trends expected to influence the Great Lakes region over the next 30 years. From this, four possible scenarios for the future of the Great Lakes region were developed – rated from worst to best conditions - relative to conditions in 2023. The scenarios describe potential trajectories for the Great Lakes, as well as signposts to distinguish one trajectory from another. The report also includes six broad recommendations to work toward improving and promoting positive environmental conditions in the Great Lakes of the future.

The WQB is undertaking a second phase of work, utilizing the report findings and the scenarios within, to engage key stakeholders and decision makers on the future of the Great Lakes and to proactively consider decisions and actions that prioritize protecting the health of the Great Lakes. To facilitate these dialogues the WQB will be developing interactive and dynamic communications products and tools to effectively communicate the outcomes of the report.