Développement d'un cadre conceptuel pour les eaux souterraines et de surface des Grands Lacs


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In January 2019, the Committee published its 2018 phase one report that recommended the development of a Great Lakes groundwater and surface water conceptual framework.

The latest report from the Great Lakes Science Advisory Board-Research Coordination Committee describes the scientific, technical and management elements of a conceptual framework for basinwide groundwater-surface water numerical models. The framework incorporates the needs and priorities of stakeholders in governments, academia, private sectors and interested nongovernmental organizations. Detailed scientific and technical guidance for numerical model development includes: (1) two classes of physical and conceptual models, (2) three numerical model elements (equations, parameters, and variables), (3) basin-wide hydrology and data availability, and (4) model calibration.

On May 24, 2022 the RCC held a public webinar summarizing the 2022 report's findings and recommendations. The webinar slides are available here; the webinar recording is available here and posted below.

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